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Silence in the city

Silent reflection
silent meditation
but there’s no silence in the city,
only breathing sounds of life
that splinter in the silent
breaking of the calm.
Power tools and power trips,
breaking the silence.
Sirens, horns
whooshing cars,
radio conversations
humming rumbling monsters
drilling our minds,
disturb our silent
wishful awake dreams
in this unsettled
frightening place.
We must find peace within ourselves –
or we’ll rot and decay our dreams
grow wasted and weary
and forgotten – 
don’t become the forgotten silence.

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Silent ashes

Let the roar of the screaming silence begin:
let it fall from my fingertips
and drip off the ends of my eyelashes.
This is the quake and the rattle.
We all fall down,
the ragged softness of it all.
These are our ashes.

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