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To accept

Realize that you made things the way they are because of how
frightening it can be to have dreams and to go after remarkable
dreams – to keep your dreams in an open jar at your bedside.

Feel disconnected. Feel like you’re crazy: just hold on. Hold on
to your mother, to your father, to the memories of your
grandmother with wrinkled frail hands – to hold on tightly.

Don’t put bravery to bed. Shake it, and wake it up. Be incredible,
be your own best masterpiece every single day. And be the best
damn street sweeper that you can be – to accept who you are.

Climb the mountains in your life, becuase when you stand at the
summit that feeling of insignificance, of catching your breathe,
of wonder and honor and fear – to accept who you are becoming.

Be okay when everything is not right, with loneliness, with distant
empty hope. Know that the longing strengthens and awakens you – to
accept the days and moments and breaths that you have been given.

To speak softly, to touch gently, to let go, and to live.

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Life is not quiet.
Life is loud.
Let it be loud.
Let it burst and rumble,
ravage and smoke,
let it tremble and tumble,
let it shake, let it jangle.

Never try to quiet your life,
give it speakers,
give it amplification.

Stand steadfast, but be ready
to be moved,
be ready to run.
Be ready for the crash
of the ocean waves,
be ready for the chirping birds,
the sirens that make you stand still
and freeze,
wondering who they are for
and who they are taking away.
Be ready for the silence of the
friendly touch,
be ready for soft conversations
and comfort.
Be ready to be rattled.

You were born to live a messy,
troublesome, graceful, awakening life.
Let it be loud.

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Shattered and Hollow

I don’t often post things that aren’t my writing, poems, or rambles about Jack Kerouac. But this song is pretty darn close to how I’m feeling right about now, and this band, First Aid Kit, is tremendously beautiful in their musical lullabies, their poetic lyrics, and their lovely voices. 

I’d rather be broken than empty. I’d rather be shattered than hollow…I’d rather be striving than settled, I’d rather be moving than static”

The words of this song ring true now, in a few different ways. And the way there’s this juxtaposition between love and heartbreak, want and moving on, leaving and staying, I find that very compelling as well. “I’d rather be by your side,” is true, but so is the fact that I’ve got to allow myself to grow and be better. 

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