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I wrote you a love poem

I may not always tell you how I feel
or say the words you want to hear
but my dear, I muster the courage
and the words
to tell you about the universe,
the half-lit moon,
the snow storm coming far too soon,
before we’ve stocked up with coffee and bread,
before the morning dawns it’s color red.
In bed, I tell you how I feel
with each grab and each caress,
with each kiss upon your tattooed chest.
I may not always have the words to tell you how I feel
or say what you want to hear,
but my dear, I want to tell you
how the sunshine reminds me of your freckled face,
how I struggle with being strong, with having grace,
how the smell of summer and sunshine
make me think of you,
and how you set off fireworks within my lungs.
There are no words in the dictionary
to describe
the feeling of being wrapped up in your arms,
those words just don’t exist,
but it feels better than a cup of tea
better than a hot shower
better than chocolate milk,
and if I could dance across the sky with you,
we’d two-step from Venus to Saturn and it’s many moons,
and I would sing a song to you
to tell you about the universe,
and the half-lit moon.

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Black hole love

Shoot me like a slingshot
and rocket me into space.
This black hole love
could write a song for me
about broken lullabies
and squeaky beds, about dust stained floors
and letters painted red.
Touch me too gently, rock me to sleep.
Tackle these demons, I’m feeling so weak.
Too soon, too late,
you come, I go,
left wandering through softness,
left willfully letting go.
Swing lo
in your chariot,
spaceships coming to take you away.
I won’t be waiting on the side of the moon
for your alien lust
for your downtown blues.
So shoot me like a slingshot,
for there’s no grace in this black hole space.


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