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Letter to the Universe

Let me be all that I am:
stand me up on mountains
so that I can stand for myself,
teach me to scream, loud,
so I have something to say
and say it well. Show me staircase
after staircase
so I never get tired of climbing.
Give me days of rain so I fall in love
with the sun. Give me nights of loneliness
so that I appreciate love.
Let me feel heartache
because maybe hearts were meant to be broken.
Show me fear and death and sadness and brokenness,
strength and heaven and hell and wisdom.
Show me that I am invincible.
Show me that I am not invincible
because comic books aren’t real.
Cause me to bleed and cause me to heal.
Create in me a child of your reflection:
of the blue skies, the ragged sea, the wildflowers,
the mountain streams. Beat me up, turn me over,
make me give it everything I’ve got.
I know you do this because you have made me strong.
And I know you won’t give me anything I can’t take.
But sometimes I wish you would show
a little grace.

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Get on.

photo 2

For as long as the leaves have been scattered on the ground
I’ve felt alone,
but I’m never alone.
For as long as the days have been too short,
the sun’s been going to bed too early,
I’ve been disheartened,
but I know my heart isn’t empty.

We’ve got the days,
we’ve got the moments,
the glimmers of pure joy,
the sparkling blinding bright sun low in the sky between the grace trees.
We are grateful beings.
We are just trying to get by,
like everyone else.

What if we were like the falling leaves,
what if every season when the chill comes into the air,
when late summer has kissed you goodbye softly on the cheek,
we turned colors, we aged, we turned gray, we wrinkled, and we fell to the ground.
What would our lives be like then, short and more definite.
How differently would we live, knowing the end of our days
was falling upon us soon.

We’ve got to move on
we’ve got to get on
we’ve got to live.

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Morning time

In that quiet time in the morning,
when you sit and sip your coffee,
welcoming the day,
in that quiet time before
the whole world rises from wishful sleep,
in that quiet time your thoughts
tip toe around your mind,
pitter patter
and knock at the door to your soul,
in that quiet time you sit
face to face with
your deeds, your hopes,
your search for grace.

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Big Heart of Yours by the David Wax Museum

Occasionally I will share with you all things that touch me, that move me, that make me want to push to be a better person. This is one of those things. A few years back in the dark dusty concert hall of DC called the 9:30 Club, where light streams through confusing places, chocolate cupcakes get passed around, and they have (and I say this with no sarcasm, really…) refreshingly cool Rolling Rock on draft that tastes like a grassy summer afternoon, that show was the David Wax Museum and during David Wax’s encore he sang a rugged and ragged slow motion guitar gentle to the touch tune and the line “Undress me with those dark eyes of yours” stuck with me. I tried to figure out what song it was, and couldn’t. It didn’t seem to exist, but in those graceful lyrics. Then, this song came out. And this seems to be a recently recorded intimate jam session with the song. Listen and enjoy. And check out more of the David Wax Museum: they rock. Check out their site here: http://www.davidwaxmuseum.com


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