What’s this all about

Jack Kerouac’s life, from my perspective, was just one big roller coaster escape love lust running after something you just can’t quite grab with your greasy fingertips, dusty road sunsets and moonrises and evergreen tree sparkling moments filled with adventure and whiskey soaked till the morning comes running after your dirty clothes thrown on the naked floor.

This website, these stories of mine, they are my roller coaster. My moments of reflection, of creative escapes trying to plot through it all. This is my dedication to my own writing and to the writing of the beat authors. When I have no words and my fingers won’t type, I will read, I will listen to their soft syllables. I hope to become so familiar with them it’s as if Kerouac, Cassady, Carolyn, Allen, sit around my kitchen laughing, smoking, they become my own dear friends.

This is my year with Kerouac.

4 thoughts on “What’s this all about

  1. Victor Uriz says:

    I love your sense of adventure and honesty, and these are the places where good stories are to be found.

  2. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a little more on Chris McCandless:

    “Fairbanks Bus 142”

  3. […] My Year with Kerouac – Michelle tries to kill me with her WABA events. To make up for it, she writes in the style of the master. […]

  4. V. Alarcón-Córdoba says:

    I like this.

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