Sailors and the sea

What is it about sailors-
know the sea so well.
What is it about choirs-
know the Gospel sounds so well.
What is it about rodeo clowns-
know the movements of the bull so well
and where his horns are going to ground down.

What is about the mountain peaks,
the first snow of the crisp winter,
the sound of tiptoes,
the first orange-turned leaf crackling
under your shoes.
What is it about that first glance,
that first touch,
the first gentle whisper-
what is it about heartbreak that doesn’t leave.

These sailors and the sea,
the sweet moving sounds of the choir
are the sounds of gentle truth rocked by
an ungentle sea.
And that good old rodeo boy
in his jean coveralls,
what doesn’t he know…

What is it about the bluesy harmonica,
and the lullaby that puts you to sleep at night,
the sound of rain pattering softly on the roof,
the screaming silence.
What is it about lost hope…

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