One Shadow

I just wrote this. I think it would be the middle or the end of what I hope would be a great, true love story. I was inspired by a scene from the film Begin Again, a gentle and happy soulful video about making music… 

They embraced to say goodbye. Things were done. Work was done. As time would have it, they were to go their separate, completely different ways. She wrapped her bare arms around his neck and pulled him close. He draped his arms around her lower back, resting them gently. After a few seconds she pulled away, smiling, and said goodbye.

But his arms lingered on her hips, grasping, gently, her sides.

She looked up at him. Looked at him real hard. He almost looked afraid.

“I have to ask you something,” he says, almost a low, scruffy whisper.

“What’s that?” she so innocently asks.

He paused a few long quiet seconds, with just the noise of the city behind them.

“Could you ever love me?” He barely managed to get it out. Having to clear his throat at the end. “I mean, do you think… if we didn’t leave now… do you think you would ever love me?”

She backed away a step, his arms finally falling from her body to his side. She breathed heavy, almost one of those laughing breaths that you let out loudly through your nose. Then she smiled so big.

“I do. I do already do,” she said as she shook her head, almost not wanting to admit it. But it was the truth. She loved him. She took two steps toward him and their lips met. Gentle at first, then passionate as they grasped each other’s bodies firmly and fiercely. The sun glistened above in the heavens, casting just one shadow from between them on the ground.

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