Big Heart of Yours by the David Wax Museum

Occasionally I will share with you all things that touch me, that move me, that make me want to push to be a better person. This is one of those things. A few years back in the dark dusty concert hall of DC called the 9:30 Club, where light streams through confusing places, chocolate cupcakes get passed around, and they have (and I say this with no sarcasm, really…) refreshingly cool Rolling Rock on draft that tastes like a grassy summer afternoon, that show was the David Wax Museum and during David Wax’s encore he sang a rugged and ragged slow motion guitar gentle to the touch tune and the line “Undress me with those dark eyes of yours” stuck with me. I tried to figure out what song it was, and couldn’t. It didn’t seem to exist, but in those graceful lyrics. Then, this song came out. And this seems to be a recently recorded intimate jam session with the song. Listen and enjoy. And check out more of the David Wax Museum: they rock. Check out their site here:


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